Where To Buy Domain Names

There are so  many domain register companies to which you can buy a domain name from but which one offer better pricing and services?

I bought my first domain from 1&1.com because of their attractive prices. As a new member, you get a .com domain for $0.99 the first year and $8.99 after. I was excited going through the purchasing process until after I made the initial payment I couldn’t find the domain. I was in a frenzy telling myself I should have listened to my adviser and go with Namecheap but their domains are $10 per year and I found that price to be way too much.

Nonetheless I started looking for reviews on 1&1 and many people complained about their poor customer service this made me more scared into thinking it’s some kind of scam site but now I know they are not. After I couldn’t fine the domain I purchased I messaged the support team concerning the problem and waited approximately 3 days with no response so i decided to cancel my account and that was my last encounter with 1&1.com. I later found out that there is a process that takes place after you purchase your domain  and  that may take a few days before you actually receive it so if you don’t mind waiting then go ahead with 1&1.

Please note that everyone may have different experiences because i know of many individuals that use 1&1.com and they don’t have any issues. What was stated above was just my personal experience and shouldn’t be used as a reason not to give 1&1 a chance. It’s totally up to you.

So let's compare some domain registering websites!

1) Namecheap

Namecheap is rated one of the best among users and even I will say so. I have bought domains  from Namecheap and the process was quick and simple. You can buy domains plus host them right on Namecheap’s platform. So with that let's jump right into their pricing, features and services.


In terms of buying domain names, Namecheap is definitely not the cheapest in the game but their other qualities compensate for it.

With Namecheap you can get a .com domain for $10.69 yearly and pay 10 cents less every year after that up to 5 years. Plus get one year free of WhoisGuard privacy protection service, a one-year Comodo PositiveSSL certificate, registrar lock, grant modification rights and security notifications via email.

Other popular domain prices are:

.net- $12.08/ year

.biz- $3.88/ year

.org- $12.08/ year

.info- $3.88/ year

To see all their domains and prices scroll to the bottom of this page you will see a price tab.

 User Experience and  Service

Well from reading numerous reviews online many had good things to say about their Namecheap experience with  a few bad experiences here and there. I do not use Namecheap to host my website all I did was buy my domain name and transferred it to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform but nevertheless, a lot of users have rated Namecheap with 4 or more stars. They talked about their reliable servers, excellent support system and I can definitely say that their customer service is up to par, Over 99.9% Uptime, affordable prices and user-friendly interface.

Namecheap has always tried to improve their user interface to make their customer experience better. Since i joined Namecheap their interface has changed drastically. I like this new layout it’s modern, simple and easy to navigate around.

Namecheap is one website hosting company I will definitely recommend to anyone. To buy a domain at Namecheap click here.

2) Name.com

Name.com is another popular and great domain register. They cater for both domain registration and web hosting.


I choose Name.com because of their low prices on popular domain extensions. You can get a .com domain for as low as $10.99/year just a few cents more than Namecheap but not bad at all.

Other domain prices for the first year:


.net- $10.99/year

.org- $11.99/ year

.info-$10.99/ year

.biz-$10.99/ year

Check out their list of domains and pricing.

User Experience and Service

What makes Name.com a great place to purchase domain extensions is their easy to use user interface and their excellent support team. Many described their services as close to Namecheap quality in terms of pricing and how helpful they are when you need assistance. Many also talked about how easy it is to use their control panel and the freedom they have to make whatever changes they need.

I would recommend Name.com as a safe place you can buy your domain names and even to host them.To  check out Name.com click here.

3) 1&1

In spite of my experience with 1&1 which really wasn’t all that horrible, they are still a long lasting website hosting company. They have been business since 1988 and to date has over 19 million customers. They have fairly cheap domain and hosting packages to suit everyone’s pocket. Let’s take a look at their pricing, features and services.


If you are on a tight budget as of now and can’t see yourself purchasing a domain for $10 or more then 1&1 can help.

With 1&1 you can get a .com domain for $0.99 for the first  year and pay $14. 99 after. Along with this purchase you will get an email address, unlimited subdomains and easy and advance setup management. Now you can definitely see how attractive the first year price looks and the year after you will be paying approximately $15.00 for a domain. What  you can do if you don’t wish to pay that price is to purchase the domain for the first year and then you can always transfer it to another hosting platform that is cheaper.

Other popular domain prices for the first year:

.net- $8.99/first year

.co-  $6.99 / f irst year

.org- $2.99 / first year

.info- $0.99/ first year

New! .in Domains! only $0.99!

 User Experience and Service

1&1 has a true battle between good and bad reviews when it comes to user experience. Many complaints about how bad their customer service is, for example, they take days to respond to customers and some even complain about rude staff. After purchasing your domain it will take several days to process it before you can actually get it and start working but nevertheless, the prices of their domains and hosting packages are good. Many suggest that if you do decide to host with 1&1 it should be a small to medium size business. Their control panel seems very easy to navigate and important links are easily seen and accessed you see from the picture below.

Control Panel Overview

Would i recommend 1&1? Yes but only to buy their cheap domains and probably to host small businesses. To purchase a domain from 1&1 today just click here.

4) Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion ratings are blowing through the ceiling. Inmotion is more about hosting websites than actually selling domains alone but you can still buy a domain without an entire hosting package. Their .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info domains cost $14.99/year which is pretty high when compared to their competitors. The reason being is that their hosting packages are what they are really trying to promote but their hosting prices are good. Lets take a look at what they have to offer:

If you are purchasing a new domain or simply transferring a domain over to Inmotion your domain will be free for 1 year if you choose their 6, 12 or 24 month Business Class Hosting plan.

User Experience and Service

Inmotion has received great reviews from it’s customers on their help and support system. They provide unrestricted 24/7 phone, email and chat support as well as video tutorials, FAQs and a user forum where you can ask questions and provide feedback about the service with other InMotion users. Many said they were impressed with how fast the staff responded to them and how kind and knowledgeable they are about their work. Also their control panel interface is really easy  to use since they use  the standard  cPanel set up which offers way  more features than other panels as you can see from the picture below.

Final  Opinion

Out of all the companies listed here, my top recommended for buying domain extensions are Namecheap, Name.com and 1&1 Hosting because of its cheap prices. The others are great as well but are just a little too expensive for my liking but you can check out them and see which one tickles your fancy. The list i provided to end has some great alternatives like HostGator, Namesilo, DreamHost and Domain.com.

Hope this list was of some help to you in deciding where to buy domain names. Thanks for reading.

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26 Apr 2016