What is A PTC Site?

PTC means Paid To Click!


 PTC sites are websites that pay registered members for simply clicking and viewing ads. The ads that are viewed are from advertisers that pay the PTC websites to promote their business, product or service. When you click and view one of these ads the PTC sites shares part of that money with you. For example if an advertiser pays $2  to a PTC site for their product or business to be viewed that PTC site will share a certain %  from that money  with their members who have clicked and viewed that ad and keep the remaining money for themselves.

So basically, everyone is benefiting from this system since the PTC sites acts as a middleman between advertisers and customers. Advertisers get traffic to their business, PTC sites earn money when advertisers who sign up to their websites and viewers get paid! How cool is that?

This type of business doesn’t require any special skills to work, just login, begin viewing ads and get paid.


How To Earn Money With PTC Sites?

The main way to earn money with PTC sites is by viewing ads. Every PTC  site has a different number of ads they distribute to members daily. Here is an example of PaidVerts list of daily ads:



Now the figures you are seeing on each ad in the above picture is how much you will be paid for viewing each ad. The figures here may be a bit more than what you will actually earn as a new member to PaidVerts so don’t let this picture fool you. When you click on anyone of these ads you will be taken to a page to confirm the process  where you will then be taken to the advertisement to view. Please keep in mind that each PTC site is different so you will see different things. Here is an example of what PaidVerts ads page looks like:

To confirm that you had viewed the ad you will need to enter the captcha you see to the top right of the picture and then click confirm. Some websites you may not need to enter a captcha like the one  above but you may be required to click a picture like the one below.

What makes these site even more interesting is that you can earn even more money in several different ways. Here are the additional ways you can earn with PTC sites:

Refer A Friend– You can refer anyone to these PTC sites using a referral link and earn money when they join. Referrals need to be active in order for this to be profitable. If you can not get anyone to join you can pay a certain amount of money to rent referrals and you can earn from their clicks.  Here is an example of how this works. So lets say the PTC site you are on distributes 10 ads daily that are worth $0.05 each and you got 50 active referrals your earning will be:

Earnings from your clicks: 10 ads * $0.05      =  $0.50 per day.
Earnings with 50 referrals: 50 * 10 ads * $0.5   =  $2.5 per day.
Total earnings per day: $0.50 + $2.50  =  $3.00 per day.
Total monthly earnings 30 * $3.00 =  $900  per month.
Keep in mind that gaining direct referrals may not be easy unless you have a whole bunch of followers already.


Do Mini Jobs– Take part in surveys, watch videos,

Play Grid– Many PTC sites have a picture grid where you can click anywhere on the picture to win money or points.

Revenue Sharing Advertising– Not many PTC sites have this feature but there are a few that share revenues with their members when they purchcase ad pack packages.

Upgrade– All PTC sites have upgrades that require you to pay. With these upgrades you will earn more money when you and your referrals click and view ads.

Advertising- All PTC sites offer an advertising section for its members which allows them  to advertise any website they desire. What this does is create more visitors or sign ups for the website you are advertising so in return you can make money from your website.


Pros & Cons Of PTC Sites


  • Free and Easy to join.
  • Doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.
  • No investment is required to earn money.
  • Doesn’t require lengthy hours to perform task.


  • There are a lot of PTC sites that are scams.
  • It may take some time to earn a lot of money.


Payment Methods

Most PTC sites do their payment processes via PayPal so you definitely should create a PayPal account. Some sites allow payment processes through Payza, Neteller, Solid Trust Pay, Bankwire, OKPAY, Perfect Money, Visa, Master to name a few. Some sites may even do checks but this usually requires a high account balance to withdraw the money.


Additional things  To Consider:

  • Don’t try creating more than one account from the same IP address because they do track IP addresses.
  • Don’t let family and friends join PTC sites using your computer or same IP address as this will cause the site to believe you have created more than one account.
  • Don’t break any of the site rules as you will be banned.
  • Make sure you have unlimited internet connection to work. Because loading ads will consume more data.
  • Look out for scam sites as there are many out there. Make sure you research the site for investing any money. Also, keep yourself updated about the site by visiting their forum page, social  media accounts and groups so you can be more informed on what's going on.
  • Don’t force people to join these sites through you. Most PTC sites have rules against this and you can get banned if caught.
  • If gaining referrals is difficult you can join a revenue sharing PTC site. They share 50% revenue with you. For example, if you invest $1 you can earn $1.55. So, you get $0.55.


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26 Apr 2016