Wealthy Affiliate Review


Product Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

Real Testimonies: Member’s Personal Reviews and Testimonies

Starter Membership: $0 (Get Free Account Here)

Premium Membership: $47 per month (A first Month Discount of 59%)




What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training program designed in the most sophisticated  way to aid aspiring online entrepreneurs to achieve their online business dream. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two internet entrepreneurs named Kyle and Carson since then Wealthy Affiliate has been a leader in internet marketing and online business training, connecting hundreds of thousands of individuals all around the world.



Wealthy Affiliate is not only a training program but an online community with similar social components to Facebook. What truly makes Wealthy Affiliate phenomenal is the continuous support from Kyle, Carson and other experience experts in the online business world, it’s like an online family. In addition to the help and support of Kyle and Carson, there is an entire community of 190,000+ members that are willing to help out too so feeling stuck and alone on this journey is not an option.


Why should you become a Wealthy Affiliate member?

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is filled with individuals from all walks of life, many are not so internet marketing savvy as you may want to believe. Even I had lack knowledge in this field when i first started out but i kept studying, researching and following the trainings at Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned a lot since then.

“So exactly why becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member makes sense?”Well, because the entire system is designed to make you succeed. Why would i say this? Well firstly, the training encourages you to choose a niche based on your hobbies, passions or interest, it can  even be a problem, a need or a want. What this does is that it creates that inner drive to make you want to work harder at what you truly love and enjoy. Almost anything you can think of can be a niche and you can earn money online from absolutely every niche but it is recommended that your niche be something you truly like. Secondly, it’s about sharing quality content (information) about those things that you love and enjoy. This is your opportunity to share your experiences, opinions and information with the world about particular products, services and issues while in return earning commission for referring people to products and services from companies that have affiliate programs. Thirdly, with Wealthy affiliate you can join for Free and explore the numerous resources that are available that would allow you to get direct experience from the community. 

Below are some added reasons why you should become a Wealthy Affiliate member:


  • Simplified Training for newbies.
  • 190,000+ members to connect with and get help.
  • High definition video training, tutorials and classrooms
  • Obtain 2 free websites
  • 24/7 help and support, there is always someone available to help
  • Blog about your personal experiences with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Spam Free environment
  • High performance web hosting
  • Exclusive Affiliate program- Wealthy Affiliate is the only Affiliate program that pays over $100 per commission and one that pays for Free sign-ups.

I can assure you there is none other like Wealthy Affiliate out there. What you got to lose? There is absolutely nothing to lose with Wealthy Affiliate because it cost $0 to try out this entire community.


I can assure you there is none other like Wealthy Affiliate out there. What you got to lose? There is absolutely nothing to lose with Wealthy Affiliate because it cost $0 to try out this entire community.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate Targeting?

Wealthy Affiliate is targeting EVERYONE. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, college
dropout, a newly grad, a garbage collector, computer programmer, teacher, single mom or dad, employed, unemployed, old, young or middle age this program is definitely for YOU. If your desire is to make money or make extra money this is the place to be. They cater to individuals all over the world so there no one who can not have access. Wealthy Affiliate is here, it takes YOU to make the difference.


 What kind of work will I be doing?

As i had mentioned earlier Wealthy Affiliate encourages you to choose a niche based on your hobbies, passion or interest because it helps with higher productivity levels. Well, upon joining at Wealthy Affiliate you are given two options:

1. Create a business based on your passion, hobby or interest


2. Create a business from a “predefined” topic.

Do you like makeup or trying new hair products probably sports or a specific vehicle? Option one is going to allow you to create a business around your passion or interest. Looking at the picture to the right of the screen you can see the “Get Started Here” button that is found in Wealthy Affiliate’s menu that course will show you how to turn your passion into a full time business. Option two is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate bootcamp which is a predefined topic for individuals who do not know what their passion is and would prefer one chosen for them.  Notice the “Affiliate Bootcamp” button in the picture to the right where you can gain instant access to training.

So primarily, you are going to learn how to turn your passion into an online business and earn money for promoting affiliate products and services.


Tools, Training & Services Available at Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is all about helping you succeed and with that in mind they offer the world’s most complete set of efficient and time-saving tools that would lead you directly to success. Here is a list of some of the tools available:

Keyword & Market Research Tool–  Carson and Kyle created the company Jaaxy. You can get 30 FREEkeyword searches when you Register for a FREE Jaaxy Account. Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword search tool on the market that delivers real time data that will allow you to weigh your competition behind different search terms and help you come up with SEO ready keywords.

Easiest Website Builder– Create highly functional websites with WordPress in 60 seconds or less. Gain access to over 2000 website themes.Create a website in 4 simple steps


Content Publisher– Exclusive Rapid Writer authoring tool allows you to create, store, analyze and manage your article and website content. This tool analyzes grammar, keyword density and it also exports your content to top ranking article sites online.

Link Tracker– A keyword system that quickly determine the most important metrics such as traffic volume, estimated traffic data, relevant keywords and their internal PPC and SEO power scores that will analyze whether a key word is worth using.


Best Web Hosting– Premium members get to experience the state of the art, premium monitored hosting on all their websites.

Website Protection– Your websites are monitored and protected for dangerous activities.

Website support system– The tech masters are ready to help you with your website issues.

Affiliate Program– Make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Ambassador Program– Become an ambassador by contributing, paying-it- forward and being highly active within the community.


Online Entrepreneur Course– Learn the fundamentals of how to run a successful online business step by step.

Organized Classrooms– Gain access to Wealthy Affiliate’s classrooms and take your internet marketing experience to a whole new level.

World Wide Training– Anywhere, anytime and on any device get 24 hour per day training.

Wealthy Affiliate forum– Over 500,000 topics and post on absolutely everything relating to online business.

Personal Blogging– Learn from member’s experiences and share you own.

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate has provided everything necessary for you to be successful in establishing your online business.


More About The Cost + Special Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate offers two (2) types of membership:

Starter Membership– $0 (Join Here)

Starter membership is completely FREE. Yes, I know you are probably wondering what’s the catch. Well with  the starter membership you get access to the community where you are able to experience most of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for the first 7 days. You are able to engage in live chats, browse and start training with the beginner training course, use keyword research tools, gain 2 free websites, network with newbies and experts, access to phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp, rapid writer tool, personal blogging and video- walk through trainings.

Premium Membership- $47 per month/$350 per year (Join Here)

Premium membership is $47 per month. That’s a lot cheaper than what you will need to pay start up a business offline. Premium gives you more of everything it’s more advance training, more websites, more access to videos, more expert access, unlimited keyword searches, more community status, more personal help and the list goes on.

Also, there is a Special Offer of 59% off your first payment if you decide to go premium within 7 days, that’s just $19 for the first month. Can it get any better than this??

Below is a comparison picture of what both memberships have to offer.


Special Bonus

If you do decide to join premium membership within the first 7 days i will offer you a special bonus. Part of this bonus includes me personally contacting you and welcoming you the community,  assisting you on where and how to get started at Wealthy Affiliate, some tips and tricks i learned and more details on your special bonus. (This does include the 59% special offer on your first payment mentioned above).



As this review has shown some in site into Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer, I do hope you take them into consideration and give them a try. You are given the chance to explore the community for FREE, I promise you there is no scams or tricks. You can join whenever you like and if do not like it you can simply leave. If you do decide to join please do return to my website and leave a comment below telling me what you like and dislike about Wealthy Affiliate. I would be super happy to get your feedback :). To get started click the Gain Access Here button below.


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26 Apr 2016