Traffic Monsoon- Revenue Sharing Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity


Name: Traffic Monsoon

Founder: Charles Scoville


Cost: Free to Join

: $50 minimum to start buying Ad packs


What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing and advertising company that is combined with PTC and traffic exchange. It was launched on the 10th of October 2014 and to this date has over 1 million members. The founder of this completely new model is Charles Scoville who is also the founder of another PTC site name AdHitProfits.

Charles Scoville

Traffic Monsoon was basically established to provide high-quality advertising services for individuals who are seeking to earn money online. For example, let's say you have an online clothing store and you wish to get more exposure and get more traffic coming to your website, you can join Traffic Monsoon advertising services and get thousands of individuals viewing your online business. In addition to this, as being an active member you will also be  benefiting from an attractive revenue sharing plan on a long-term basis so you earn even more money.

They also have a traffic exchange plan which simply means that you can buy whatever amount of traffic you want  to get going to a specific website without having to surf to gain the necessary credits. Simply select the number of visitors you want, complete payment, and receive visitors!

How To Earn Money With Traffic Monsoon?

There are basically 4 ways to earn money with Traffic Monsoon and I will share them with you.

1) Cash Links- Without buying any advertising packages you can be qualified daily to receive  cash links. In order to be qualified, you will  have to surf and view 10 ads daily to be eligible to receive cash links. To earn even more from cash links you can refer others to the site and when they click on their cash links you will receive 100% commissions from them. The picture below shows what the cash links look like.

2) Referrals Make a Purchase- Whenever your referrals make a purchase you will earn 10% commission from that. This applies for all services that required payment so cash links are not including in this. Once your referrals buy an ad pack or traffic exchange plan you will get that 10% commission.

3) Earn Money From Your Online Business- Whatever online business you have and wish to get more traffic going to that website this is best opportunity to do just that. Simply purchase an ad pack set up your website on Traffic Monsoon and allow the system to do what it was made to do and that is to send quality traffic to your website. More traffic equals more sales which means more money in your pocket.

4) Revenue Sharing- When a member purchases an advertising package his/her status becomes an active member. As an active member, you are eligible to share in the sites profits even if it’s just one ad pack bought. When a member purchases a service each service provided generates a profit margin. When these profits are made Traffic Monsoon shares them with you. Also, you need to be qualified to receive this revenue by surfing  and viewing 10 ads daily. One ad pack cost $50 which gives you revenue sharing up to $55 together with 1000 visitors to a website of your choice and 20 clicks to any banner of your choice.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Below is a “Getting Started On Traffic Monsoon” video where you can get a bit more understanding of this website and how to go about earn money and buying ad packs.

Strategies On How To Go About Earning With Traffic Monsoon

The top strategy  to start earning money with this site is by repurchasing an ad pack every time your balance reaches $50. To reach this $50 as quick as possible it will be better to buy at least 4 -10 ad packs with your first buy and soon as your balance reaches $50 repurchase another and so on. The more ad packs you buy the more money you can make daily.

For example: if you buy 10 ad-packs at your first buy , you will be able to repurchase an active sharing position every 5 days, since the earnings are around $1.07 per day per ad pack. As I  stayed before the more ad packs you can start with the more you can repurchase in a shorter period of time and the faster you’ll reach your final goal of earning $10 a day, $100 a day or even $1000+ a day.

Strategy For Those Who Can’t Buy More Than One Ad Pack Immediately

If you are like me and you can’t afford to buy so many ad packs all at once  then starting off with one is not a problem and yes it will take a bit longer to make the  $50 but it’s better than not starting at all.

So let's say you bought 1 ad-pack today for $50  and you decide you will purchase another  pack 1-2 weeks later by then you will have $7-15 in your account balance. The next 1-2 weeks you buy another pack but, this time, you pay $43- $35 from your pocket together with the  $7-$15 from your Traffic Monsoon account balance to make up the $50. And you keep repeating this until you no longer have to pay from your pocket but from your Traffic Monsoon account balance.

So build yourself up slowly and you can make it there still. The most important thing is that you have started.

Traffic Monsoon Complaints

Many complained about getting their accounts frozen and blocked for no real reason but some must note that Traffic Monsoon only block accounts if two or more account had been registered on the same IP address or it can be because of a dynamic IP.

Another issue is login into your account can be super annoying at times and I have experienced it. Sometimes when I try to log into my account it doesn’t go through after about 3 attempts and sometimes I just leave it and return later. Sometimes I experience being log out of my account when I click on a cash link as well but I just log back  in again. They also have a lot of site maintenance sessions so this can be a reason why  you may can’t access your account.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Payment Methods, Minimum Threshold and Withdrawal

Traffic Monsoon accepts Payza, and Solid Trust Pay as their payment processors. Keep in mind that you can’t change this after whatever payment process you use to buy any services will be the same one  you will have  to use to withdraw your money. Withdrawal fees are set to 2% on Paypal and 0% on Solid Trust Pay and Payza.

The minimum threshold starts off as $2 from your first withdrawal and increases by a $1 every time you withdraw after that until it reaches $10. At that point, your minimum threshold will remain at $10.00. Also, once you’ve reached your minimum threshold you can request payment. This can be done multiple times per day.

Before you request your money you will have to enter a code. This code helps to protect your withdrawals. You will be allowed to create this code yourself so make sure to choose something that your can remember. Withdrawals may go up to 24 hours and sometimes even instant.



I have recently joined Traffic Monsoon and  have only bought one ad pack so far because I currently can’t  afford to purchase more right away but things are progressing nicely and I will be purchasing another ad pack soon.  I would highly recommend Traffic Monsoon as a legit online site to where individuals can promote their online business and at the same time earn money. Right now it’s the best place to be to earn some money online. I know many of you have been victims of online scams but for the past year, Traffic Monsoon has proven, to be honest and loyal. You can like their Facebook page and  get updates  on the site.



If you have any questions you can check out their FAQ page on their website or simply post your questions below in the comment section and I will try my best to reply.

PS: Don't forget to verify your email address within 24 hours!!


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26 Apr 2016