Top PTC/Revenue Sharing Sites I Earn Extra Money From

Earning money with PTC sites is a pretty easy way to  earn an extra buck at the end of the month. There are hundreds of them out there with 95% or even more of them being scams or simply just a waste of time but I happen to come across  a few ok ones from a trusted source and I decided to give them a try.

So far they  are all working fine and I am seeing some progress. Don’t expect to see hundreds of dollars immediately with these sites it is possible to make hundreds but not right away. These do not require investment to earn money but you will make a lot of money faster if you invest.

These type of sites work well for anyone who has a computer, internet connection and some spare time on their hands.

Note: The sites I recommend are sites that I am actively involved in.  If I happen to experience anything that leaves me to think they are scams or if they simply stopped working I will update this post as such but for now, they are all working fine.

Tip: To earn even more with these sites getting Direct Referrals would be a plus! Just remember no spamming!

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1) Traffic Monsoon

I would highly recommend Traffic Monsoon. They have been in existence since 2014. As a free member you can earn $0.01 to $0.05 per click by simply clicking on cash links  and viewing other peoples ads. To maximize this you should definitely refer other people to the site as you will earn from their clicks too. Earn even more by buying their ad packs and earn from their daily revenues. Minimum payout is $2 through  Payza or Solid Trust Pay. Best Place To Invest! Legit and Reliable!

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Great Place To Invest!


2) PaidVerts

Highly recommended. PaidVerts been existing since 2012. You can earn from $0.01 to $200.00 simply by watching ads. In order to receive those large figures you need to accumulate as much BAP (Bonus Ad Points) as possible to rank higher in BAP groups. You can also upgrade and earn more money faster as your BAP increases. Instant payments into your Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Bankwire, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer,  Ok Pay or Netellergo account. Earn 10% when referrals make ad purchases and 5% from every ad they get paid to view.


Great Place To Invest!


3) Neobux

Highly recommended. Neobux been paying members since 2008. Neobux have different upgrade levels such as standard and golden with standard you get $0.001 per click on fixed ads to $0.015. On referrals you get $0.005 to $0.050. You can cash out when you reach a minimum of $2 into your Paypal,Payza, or Netellergo account. Note that every time you cash out it will increase the cash out by  $1.00 more so your first minimum cash out is $2.00 next time it would be $3.00 until it reaches $10.00. If don’t plan on investing you can refer people and earn from their activities. Totally legit and reliable.

Great Place To Invest!


4) Clixsense


CLixsense  is one of the oldest PTC sites out there, started in February 2007 and to this day has proven to be a reliable source for earning extra money online. Clixsense only has two type of membership  one being Standard and  the other Premium. As a Standard member, you get approximately 28 ads to view per day with 26 of those ads valued at $0.001 and 1 sometimes 2 valued at $0.01. Premium membership only costs $17 per year and give users the opportunity to earn more by viewing more ads that are of higher value.

In addition to this is their ClixGrid where you can win up to $10, their Task section where you can complete tasks that are issued by CrowdFlower, take surveys and perform offers. To withdraw your money Clixsense requires you to have a minimum of $2.oo into your account balance. Withdrawals can be made by Paypal, Payza, Neteller and  Paytoo.

Great Place To Invest!


5) Expresspaid



Highly recommended PTC. Expresspaid has been paying its members since 2014. Expresspaid has 8 levels of earning money from Standard all the way to Executive.

As a Standard member, you may get  about 20 ads to view this number may vary and as you upgrade your ads will increase and so will the value of the ads. The cashout threshold is $5 and you can cash out straight to your Paypal, Perfect Money and Payza account.


Great Place To Invest!


These  PTC sites are currently helping me earn a few extra bucks every  month. They have proven to be trustworthy and reliable sources to earn some money. I may add others to this list if I decide to test out other PTC sites that stand the test of trust and reliability but for now, these are working fine.

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Are you on any PTC site that’s helping you earn money? You can share your links in the comment section below!


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26 Apr 2016