The New Kid On The Block: TSU


 Product Overview

Name: TSU

Founders: Drew Ginsburg, Sebastian Sobczak & Thibault Boullenger


Price: $0



 Note: (TSU is pronounced ‘Sue’)

TSU is a free online social network that pays it’s users up to 90% revenue for simply doing what you do on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. TSU is headquartered in New York and was launched on 14th October 2014 by it’s founders Drew Ginsburg, Sebastian Sobczak & Thibault Boullenger. TSU has been growing at a tremendous rate of 250,000 to 750,000 new members each month which is pretty great.

‘TSU Founders Courtesy by AngelList’

TSU’s philosophy is the belief in real ownership over the content someone  shares. They believe users should be compensated for their likeness, images, content and social engagements on social media platforms. Unlike their social media competitors Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that have fail to share any profits with their users TSU pledges to share social revenues with it’s users for any type of content, network size, influence level and their ability to refer more people to the platform. “Their model is designed to empower the user” (TSU, 2015).

How It Really Works?

 So we know that 90% of revenue is distributed to the user and 10% goes to TSU to maintain the platform but really how does this system work?

According to TSU half of your earned revenue  is in the form of royalties from the content you created. So half of 90% is 45% that goes towards the content creator so that goes to you. The other 45% which came from your growth and activity of your social network is divided between the person that directly  invited you  to TSU and a portion to who invited that person and so on and so on which is called the users ‘family tree’. So basically  you have two ways to go about earning money with TSU and that’s by creating quality content and  inviting new members to TSU and building your network.

‘Courtesy by Google’

What is a Family Tree?

A family tree is  generated when everyone you invited joins your network. TSU keeps track of everyone that joins the network through you and add them to your network. So lets look at my family tree in the picture below and yes i know its not huge quite yet but it will get better. So starting from my photo and going down you  can see i have two children these are who joined TSU through me, now going  to the right you see Network has two that’s how many individuals my children have invited to TSU thus far, it’s from my children and their children i will receiving revenue from once they create content and are engaging socially. The Followers area has 8 individuals these are people who are already in TSU and have decided to follow me either because they like the content i post or they are trying to build their network by hoping i follow them back. To the left you can see New Children has 2 they are who i invited to TSU and one Friend which means one of my invites is my friend.


Who Is TSU For And How Can I Join?

 TSU is for anyone really it’s like any other social network just you are being paid for what you do. To join TSU you need to be invited by someone that’s how TSU tracks your network. Someone will invite you by sharing their personal short code with you that TSU have given them on creating their profile. When you click their link you will be taken to a sign up page with the person’s short code below and all you need to do is fill out and start doing  what you do with other social networks such as fill out your bio, add profile picture, post a status, invite friends and family etc.

Can I Get Rich With TSU?

 Probably if you are a celebrity and you have invited thousands or millions of people to the platform but for the average man please do join this platform expecting to get rich, join it because you have something unique to share with others or a great opportunity to provide or you genuinely want to make new friends. Everything isn’t always about money sometimes focusing on other things can bring money in your pocket. The amount of money you can make at TSU largely depends on how many people you invite, how engaging they are and how many people view, like and engage in your ads and content. TSU has an analytics page so you can see how you are performing.


Pros And Cons Of TSU


  • It’s free to join.
  • Enjoy a clean, neat platform.
  • You can make money by advertising, sharing photos, liking, commenting, etc on TSU.
  • Earn 90% of the revenue for simply being social.
  • No spams or spamming. (Note: Do not go spamming on TSU you will get band!)


  • People may be reluctant to join because they want to make a large sum of money quick.
  • The threshold payment is $100 which is a bit high.
  • Only one payment method that is by check.
  • Limited referrals and limited activity means you may  take a very long time before you can reach the minimum threshold.

TSU Limits

 These limits were created by TSU to avoid spamming on the platform so please take note. They include:

  • You can only post 24 posts in 24 hours.
  • You can only have 5000 friends max.
  • You can only share 8 post per day.
  • You can have 50 friendship requests per week pending after 30 days they get deleted.
  • No more than 10 hashtags.
  • Tag about 5 users or less in a post.

Other Tips

 To get started on TSU i recommend that you:

  • Share your short code on your other social networks to start gaining referrals but don’t go spamming everywhere with your code, do it in moderation.
  • Start to genuinely engage and create relationships with like-minded individuals in TSU.
  • Search and follow others that fit your target demographic.
  • Like and comment on other people’s post as this can help build your network.
  • Try to share new post and unique content as this can help you gain more friends.

Need more information? Check out TSU’s FAQ Page.

Final Opinion

 If by chance you have browse the web looking for TSU reviews i am sure you have came across the numerous negative reviews and comments but pay them no mind because many of them where created just around the time when TSU had launched. Some of them jumped quickly to conclusions stating that TSU is a scam or some  kind of get rich quick scheme. If you wish to join TSU have no fear, they are no scam neither some get rich quick  scheme they are just another social network like Facebook the only difference is that you get paid for basically what you already do on Facebook. So if you have quality content to share or want to make new friends or simply want to try it out there is risk involve you can join today for free.

Already a member of TSU? Please share your experience with me in the comments so others can see that TSU is not a wolf in sheep clothing.

Thank You,

Kind Regards,


26 Apr 2016