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What is Mintvine?

Mintvine is the most popular online marketing research community where users get paid or rewarded for taking surveys, buying products, doing polls, product testing and for simply referring friends.

Mintvine is totally free to join and users as young as 13 years old can join but of course with parental consent and guidance.


Earning With Mintvine

Earning money with Mintvine is pretty straight forward. Money is rewarded to you in the form of points, each point is equal to $0.01.Below you can get a better idea of the different ways you can earn points.


Mintvine will send you several surveys per day with different point values for you to part take in. The surveys are only available for a short time so you should keep yourself near your computer or cell phone to get  them.  Survey points range from sometimes 40 to 300 points with a time frame  of 8- 15 minutes per survey.  Even if  a survey is available and you are disqualified Mintvine will give you 1-5 points.

Complete Offers

Complete offers on their offer wall and earn points as well. Here you can download games or software and take more surveys from other sites. Please note that these offers are not always available on a daily basis.

Local Deals

Mintvine has a section call Local Deals where users can buy stuff and earn points for their purchase. Users will have to wait 45 days before their points are approved as this give them a chance to return the product.

Daily Poll Question

Answer their daily poll question and earn 5 points for simply answering.

Refer A Freind

Refer friends and earn 15% of what they make on all surveys and offers plus you can earn an additional 50 points when they complete their first survey.

To get a visual look off how all these areas look and for more information you can take a look at the video below.



Pros and Cons


  • Free to join.
  • Get at least one survey every day.
  • Earn points for simple activities like answering poll questions, buying products, downloading games or apps.
  • Cash out at 1000 points.
  • Multiple ways to withdraw your earnings.



  • Mintvine surveys are targeted to the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Waiting 3-5 days to receive your earnings.


Withdrawal of Mintvine Earnings

As soon as you have made 1000 points you can take your earnings in the form of cash, e-card, bank or donation. To withdraw with cash you can use your Paypal account, with bank you can use Dwolla or Bitcoin, donations you can use Red, American Stores,Clean Water Fund, and with e-cards you can use Amazon, Applebee's, Barnes and Noble and Best Buy just to name a few. Payments can take 3-5 business days to be processed and send. 


Need Help?

Mintvine has a forum that has a lot of common questions answered for you. If after searching this forum you haven't got the answer you were looking for then you can contact support and they will respond to you within 24 hours.


Final Words


Mintvine is a legit survey site and many can earn extra cash from this site. When signing up you will notice that they will ask what country you are from and  the drop down arrow with present three countries which is the US, UK, and Canada but don't let it stop you since they still  allow outside users to join. This may  limit to you to what you can do but just remember they have multiple ways to earn. I would totally recommend this site as a way to earn extra cash. Get started today by clicking the Join Now Button below.






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23 May 2016