Meet Jaaxy- The Ultimate Keyword Tool

Product Overview

Name: Jaaxy

Founders: Kyle & Carson


Ratings: 5/5 stars

Jaaxy Price Plans: Free Trial

:Pro- $19  per  month

:Enterprise- $49 per month


What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the creme de la creme of the keyword tool world. It’s the most advanced keyword research tool in the internet world as of now. Whether you are new to internet marketing and just started out creating content or you have been in the e-commerce hustle for a while and seeking for a new tool to help you slay that next article then my friend without a doubt, Jaaxy Got You Covered.

For newbies, What is a Keyword you may wonder?

Well, a keyword is a word or a phrase that you type into search engines. So let's say you were searching for“the best keyword research tool” or you heard about Jaaxy research tool and you typed up “Jaaxy research tool” in google search engine, you will get hundreds of articles on the best keyword tools or articles on Jaaxy research tool. Those two phrases you typed into google are considered keywords.

Searching for keywords can become addicting so be WARNED!

Jaaxy keyword tool  allows you to conduct unlimited searches on keywords or phrases and report back to you with the most accurate data on low competition keywords. Jaaxy collects data from top major search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo and other databases and presents it in the most simplistic and informative way possible. Jaaxy will save you a ton of time with hundreds of results coming in, in seconds and you can  spend more time on the important stuff like writing up a winning article.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy was created for the individual who  needs fast and accurate data NOW on keywords. So for all the:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Affiliate  Marketers
  • Freelance Writer
  • Domain Flipper
  • YouTube Marketers
  • SEO Companies
  • Webmasters
  • Local Businesses


  • Anyone that just need keywords

I totally recommend Jaaxy for you. If you are new to the online world of business have no fear, my friend, because Jaaxy got you covered with free video training on how to get around to using Jaaxy. Every aspect of Jaaxy is explained to you in the fullest form so you have no reason to feel lost and confused.

How Exactly Does Jaaxy Work?

Well, Jaaxy’s core purpose is finding keywords but it offers way more than  just that but before I blab about all the other awesome features let me show you how the keyword research area work. When you sign up for free Jaaxy account and you enter into your account you will be brought to the page below but just without the search result list.

To begin to perform your research you will need to:

1) Enter your keyword or phrase in the search bar where it says "How To Make Money Online".

2) Wait a few seconds to see the list of keyword results for your search appear below.

3) Use the metrics at the top of each column to help you make the best selection of keywords.

4) The little boxes at the front of each keyword can be ticked off so  you can save the best keywords from the list for later use.

And there you go it’s that simple but I'm sure you are wondering what some of those metrics mean and I will share it with you. Let's go:

  • AVG– This is a short way to say Average. The data provided under this column is the average number of searches a keyword gets per month. The minimum number you should have is 50 monthly searches nothing less.
  • Traffic– The data provided under this column is the number of website visits you will achieve if you make first page rankings in the popular search engines.
  • QSR– This stands for Quoted Search Results. The data under this column tells you the number of competing websites ranked in google with the same keyword. This column is very important, you got to watch your competition the lower the numbers are the better chances of you getting ranked on the first page of search engines. Choose anything lower than 300 QSR any number above this makes it really hard to rank.
  • KQI– This stands for Keyword Quality Indicator. The data under this column tells you which keywords are good and  bad based on the color listed. Green means Great, Yellow means OK and Red means Poor.
  • SEO– This stands for Search Engine Optimization. The data under this column is a result of the traffic and competition scores. The higher the score the greater are your chances of getting first page rankings.
  • Domains– This column provides you with a list of domains that are available that are related to your keyword search. Looking at the picture above you can see this column says to upgrade why? Because this feature is for Jaaxy pro and enterprise you simply upgrade to anyone and receive this added feature.
  •  Related– This is a list of keywords that are related to your target keyword.
  • Brainstorm– Think you might be running out of ideas? Then use this feature to help you come up with new keywords or new ideas for content.

BUT WAIT!! There are more awesome features for you to explore like:

  • Alphabet Soup– Use this alphabet soup technique in Google to help you come up more keyword ideas. What you will do is type in your keyword or phrase in Google and simply add every letter of the alphabet after it to see what people are actually searching for using your keyword. You can add the letters before the keywords it as well.
  • Search History– Wish you can remember a keyword you searched two months ago? Have no fear because this feature right here will safe you the drama. Take a trip to the past with this awesome feature and find back your keyword.
  • Search Analysis– Get to know your competitors more by using this feature. Find who is ranking in the 10 positions of Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Site Rank– Find out where your site or post is ranked in the top search engines.
  • Affiliate  Programs– Find affiliate programs relating to the niche you have chosen. This feature helps you find affiliate programs after you have found your keyword and you have established what niche you are in.

Jaaxy’s Pros And Cons


  • Join for free and enjoy 30 free keyword searches.
  • Easy to use and great user-friendly interface.
  • Get a search down in seconds.
  • No downloading required simply access this application online.
  • Great training to help better utilize Jaaxy.
  • Find good low hanging fruit keywords.
  • It’s mobile friendly.
  • Get great help and support.
  • Great for all levels of users whether newbie or expert.
  • Save and organize your keyword list.
  • Find affiliate programs relating to your niche or you can even join Jaaxy’s affiliate program and earn some money.


  • The cost may be a bit too high for beginners.

More On Jaaxy’s Price Plans

Jaaxy has 3 price plans which are a Free Jaaxy Trial Plan, Jaaxy Pro Plan and Jaaxy Enterprise Plan. Here is a little more information about each:

Jaaxy Free Trail- Join Here

The Jaaxy free trial is great for individuals who would like to test out this product before they consider investing any money into it. This free trial offers you 30 free searches on any kind of search feature available at Jaaxy like:

  • keyword research
  • affiliate program research
  • the alphabet soup search
  •  the search analysis feature

Also, if you decide to join their referral program your 30 free searches can increase drastically by gaining 10 search credits for each individual that signs up for a Free Trial Plan through you.

Jaaxy Pro Plan- Join Here

The Jaaxy Pro Plan is where things really start rolling. Get this plan for $19 per month and unlock many features that were unavailable in the Free Trial Plan like:

  • unlimited keyword searches
  • domain availability manual
  • SEO analysis
  • Multi-Tabbed Search- 2 tabs
  • Search History
  • 2x more Speed
  • Keyword Competition

This plan is great for experts and newbies as well.

Jaaxy Enterprise Plan- Join Here

This plan is totally for the experts. Get this plan for $49 per month and experience the power of Jaaxy on a whole new level. Get some features even 2- 3 times more faster and better like

  • 5x more speed on your searches
  • Multi-Tabbed Search-5 tabs
  • Domain availability instant
  • Instant competition analysis

Get everything you need done at super speeds with Jaaxy. Jaaxy founders understand the importance ofTime= Money. So spend less time searching and more time building your business with Jaaxy Enterprise.

To get a better view of the plans and what they each offer I have presented a chart that shows the side by side comparison. Take a look below:

+ Bonuses

Get 3 AWESOME BONUSES when you join the Free Trial Plan. These bonuses include:

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords


 Final Opinion

Jaaxy is the best keyword tool I have come across since starting my online business and not for one moment have I regret joining. There is totally no pressure to upgrade to the other plans you can simply stay within the free trial plan for as long as you wish and keep gaining more credits as individuals join. Don’t forget you can earn money with Jaaxy too through their affiliate program.


After testing out Jaaxy Please return to this post and tell me what you think. I would love to get your feedback.

Thank You,

Kind Regards,


26 Apr 2016