Make Money Selling Your Stock Photos Online

Everyone’s looking to make some extra money one way or the other and if snapping unique high-quality pictures are your thing then you can make some extra cash online by selling them. Whether you are a professional photographer, a newbie, someone who loves traveling and snapping pictures or you simply do it as a hobby you can turn your efforts into cash.

There are several online companies you can register with and start uploading your pictures to get them viewed by potential customers. Below I have compiled a few that are among the most popular sites to register with.

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Smugmug– Create Stunning Photo Websites For You, Your Family, Or Your Business with SmugMug!




Can Stock Photo


CrestockCrestock Stock Photos



Fine Art America

And there they are you can join anyone or even several of these companies by creating an account for free and applying to be a contributor. You will be required to sign a contributor agreement which you will want to read thoroughly to ensure you are happy with their terms. Then you may need to read their contributor guidelines to know exactly what the stock agency requires. You will then be allowed to send them a few of your top photos so they can review them and  then they will make that final decision if to accept you or not

Once you are accepted your job now is to upload unique high-quality photos that would attract customers. Remember to join several of these companies to help your work get more exposure  and of course earn more money. Also, you should look at what kind of photos are trending in the stock photo industry so you can  upload photos according to that niche whether it’s about people, nature, food, animals etc.

Additional Tips 

1) Make sure to categorize your work  using appropriate tags so if someone is searching for a particular kind of photo or subject your work can be easily found.

2) Promote your work on your own website. You can create a website for free and choose from a wide variety of WordPress themes to better display your work. You can even choose to sell them yourself from your own website or you can link back to the company site where your visitors  can make their purchase.

3) Don’t forget to get more exposure by using social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + to name a few. Plus you can join these sites for  more exposure Photojojo, Popular Photography and Cool Capture.

4) Don’t be afraid to be unique. If snapping weird, creepy and unusual shots are your thing then share it with the world there is always someone who will see the  beauty in your creation.

Any more tips on selling your photos online? Tell us in the comment section below.

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26 Apr 2016