Make Money As A Virtual Assistant

Are you looking to make some extra money as a Virtual Assistant? Or probably you are just searching for other possible ways  to make some money online? Well being a Virtual Assistant is another great opportunity to make some money. If you are not sure what a Virtual Assistant is it’s simply someone who performs administrative duties for an online business such as writing a blog post, editing blog post, responding to emails, managing social networks, responding to comments and so much more.

For this type of work, it’s important  that you have some kind of experience in office administration, operating a blog and using WordPress to help make your work a lot easier because there is high chance of  you not getting trained by your employer. It’s also important to have a properly functioning computer with all the Microsoft Office applications  and a high-speed internet connection.

Virtual Assistant work is on the  rise since many entrepreneurs need the help and many individuals can do with the extra buck.

There are basically four (4) ways to go about obtaining this type of job. You can:

  1. Search on job boards.
  2. Send direct emails to potential clients.
  3. Set up your own Virtual Assistance business.
  4. Sign up with a Virtual Assistant staffing company.

These 4 ways are the main ways you can go about obtaining Virtual Assistant jobs  online and the best options on the list is number 2 and 3. Why? Well, when you target your own clients or create your own business, you can place a higher cost on your work as appose to the low prices other individuals will bid for on job boards causing you to settle for less when you know your skills and time are worth more.

Nevertheless, below i have listed some places where you can find Virtual Assistant jobs:

Places To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs:


People Per Hour





Hire My Mom

Simply Virtual

Team Double Click

The Appointment Biz

Virtual  Office Temps


Amazon Mechanical Turk

Task Rabbit

24/7 Virtual

Assistant Match

Fancy Hands

Flex Jobs

Time etc

World Wide 101


Hope this list will be of some assistance in helping you find a Virtual Assistant job. I recommend you read the company’s policies to ensure you are in agreement with it and you are capable of meeting the company requirements.

Thank You,

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26 Apr 2016