Legit Business Opportunities

Finding honest business opportunities online is truly difficult when there are hundreds of scams lurking at every corner. Thousands have lost their hard earn money investing in companies that are nothing but fraud but today that will end. I have dedicated myself to sniffing out the scammers and have provided a list of genuine business opportunities that are out there.

The opportunities listed below are companies that can help you start a full-time online business or if your desire is just to make some extra cash with not too much of your time taken up you can find that here too. 

The list below are companies that I have tested for myself by joining everyone and part taking in their programs just to see how much value they offer, if they are really out to help you and if their prices are too high for what they offer.


Legit Business Opportunities


Wealthy Affiliate 

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

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Name: Affilorama

Founders: Mark Ling & Simon Slade

Website: www.affilorama.com




Name:Strong Future International

Founder: Gery 

Website: www.sfi4.com

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