Is Shoemoney Network A Scam? Full Review!

Name: Shoemoney Network

Founder: Jeremey Schoemaker


Cost: Free



What is the Shoemoney Network?

The Shoemoney Network is an internet marketing course that was created by Jeremy Schoemaker. Jeremey Schoemaker is a marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, author, father and a husband. As of 2003 to current times he has made over 10 million dollars online and has decided to share what he has learned with others. To read more about Jeremy's history you can check out his website

"Courtesy Google" 


Who Can Take The Shoemoney Network Course?

This course is tailored for newbies as well experience marketers. In the course, Jeremey walks you through each lesson step by step making it pretty comprehensive for a beginner. Experience marketers may already know a lot about internet marketing so a lot of the earlier lessons will not be new to you but there is always something new you can learn. Jeremey may be able to shed some  light on something you haven't come across just yet.


What Does The Shoemoney Course Offer?

As I mention above, the Shoemoney Network course is free to part take off but keep in mind that online marketing requires you to build a website which means money spending. You will be required to buy a domain name and hosting to continue the course. This is not Jeremey you will be paying but BlueHost because he has partnered with them to do this course.

Let's take a look at what the course has to offer:

On entering into the Shoemoney Network course site you will be brought to the dashboard where you will see the list of courses you will be part taking in. Below is a screen shot of the first part of my dashboard and you can see i have completed the  first task which is simply watching an introduction video and the task of sharing a link to Facebook.


Simply doing these two tasks earned me my first dollar. So Jeremey had shown me that he was keeping his word. After those two tasks, the need to purchase your domain name and hosting is required to move forward. To me, it happens way too quickly because I didn't quite have an idea what my website would be about so choosing a domain name was difficult.

I think he should have a video before that giving individuals an idea of the kind of niches they can choose or he could have shown us how to go about finding a niche. As you can see from the image below Web Hosting Overview is the first thing on the list so you have no choice but to make a purchase.


He will walk you through setting up your website  so you are not alone in the process. With every section you complete, you get paid a dollar plus a cute ninja belt to signify your progress.

So as you progress you will learn:

  • how to make your site look better and more professional?
  • how to make your site look good and also mobile and social friendly?
  • how to get your email newsletter setup for your website?
  • How to use social media to promote your business?
  • How to drive revenue and traffic to your website?
  • Learn how to track your visitors.

 And so much more, in total there are 14 lessons plus as you complete a certain amount of lessons you gain access to special bonus videos and materials. He even gives you free access to his courses on Udemy which costs over a hundred dollars even you can Create a Udemy Course and start making money today.

Or I nearly forget Jeremey has help doing the videos. There is this girl that does some of the videos when you reach the green belt lesson. Funny thing is i don't think she ever gave her name.


Pros and Cons of The Shoemoney Network


  • Free to join.
  • Earn a few dollars while learning.
  • Newbies and experts can use it.
  • Learn different ways to make money online.
  • Get extra bonus materials that can help you in  your online business.


  • Some videos are a bit short.
  • More information should be placed on what kind of niche website the users would like to do.
  • More information on writing content in terms of how to structure your writing, how to write interesting content, how to use pictures in your post and why they are important etc.


Shoemoney Support

I have seen several reviews that spoke about the Shoemoney Network support system in a negative light. Well, I never had reason to contact support so I can't give an honest review of how they respond and deal with their users but as far I can see I know they provide a FAQ section that answers common questions and problems. If you are unable to find an answer for your question you can then open a support ticket.





I can conclude that the Shoemoney Network is legit. They are surely  one of the good ones out there and their idea of paying you for learning is totally different and is a great way to get others to part take in the course.  So if you are interested in taking this course I will assure you that you have nothing to loose with this program.  Just take note that you will have to buy a domain name and web hosting which is something that you own and not Jeremey. To get started you can click the button below.

Note: You will need a Paypal account to receive your money.




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17 May 2016