Is Empowr A Scam? Checkout My Review!

Name: Empowr

Founders: Brandi, Mike, Mohit, Scott


Cost: Free



What is Empowr?


Empowr is the very first online Democratic Social Economy. Its founders are Brandi, Mike, Mohit, Scott and not to forget their entire team of engineers and product professionals that have helped made this service possible. The site was launched in 2015 and is growing exceptionally well.  To get a better insight into how Empowr got started, check out the video below:



According to the Empowr team their mission is to:

"Empower people by enabling opportunity , hope and influence".

And their goal is to:

"To Help half the planet (4 billion people) earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025".

Pretty neat goal if you ask me and what would make these goals truly outstanding is seeing them come through. What  i really like about this team goals is that it displays selflessness and the desire to try to help some of our current world problems when so many that have the necessary resources failed to make any kind of significant impact.


How Does Empowr Work?

When i saw the Empowr platform for the first time i immediately thought of Facebook and Pinterest because it's just like Facebook in terms of the interface colour and some of it's designs but it also has the Pinterest style to it of how the status updates and pictures are laid out.


The picture above is a photo of my news feed which has a Pinterest type of feel to it.

Anyhow, considering the way this new platform works, it is pretty simple and totally nothing that you haven't heard before.

Empowr earns money from three main sources. They are:

The Marketplace

Empowr earns money from their marketplace which is similar to what you see on sites like Ebay and Etsy. In the marketplace you as an Empowr citizen can sell and buy products and services and vice versa. When these transactions are being performed Empowr earns a percentage of these transactions.


Advertising is pretty straight forward and you have seen it on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Empowr does basically the same in that you can buy ad credits or use the ad credits that Empowr loans you when you fist join the community and advertise whatever you like. Whether it's your online business or your very own product or promote some else's product. Make sure to read their terms of use before advertising. Empowr also earns money from this activity.


Subscriptions are similar to what you see on Amazon prime and LinkedIn.  You can subscribe to be apart of Premium Blogs created by Empowr citizens or you can create a Premium Blog yourself and earn money from empowr citizens. Empowr will earn a percentage from these subscriptions.

According to Empowr, all the revenue they generate goes back to Empowr citizens when they perform basic social media activities such as liking photos, sharing a post, updating a status, getting views, blogging etc. Also, as an Empowr citizen, you can earn money from selling products and services as stated previously or by becoming a success coach and teach others how to succeed with the platform or you can become a developer for the platform.

Then the money you earn goes into maturation state where you can cash it out in 90 days.

When it comes to cashing out your earnings Empowr requires you to pay an Ad Platform Fee. Empowr has something called Manage Ad Campaigns which is automatically set to search for ads for you to help you earn money from these ads. Empowr loans you a certain amount of ad credits which are then used to fund your Manage Ad Campaigns. After the ad has received clicks and has generated a profit you get a portion of that profit.

The Ad Platform Fee is the amount of ad credits that have been used to help serve you ads. So before you can cash out you will have to pay this fee. You have the option of paying this fee monthly or you can pay it when you decide to cash out after the 90 days.


How Do I Earn Money From Empowr?

 In the section above I have already given you an idea of how Empowr users earn money but in this section i will just go a little more in-depth about  these earnings.


Earn From Your Post

Empowr citizens earn money when their photos, videos, blogs, and status updates  have been viewed by other Empowr citizens within the first 24 hours they have been posted.

Empowr citizens will see your status updates and post in their news feed and the more views you get the more you will earn.  Unfortunately, Empowr has never disclosed how much a user really earns per view so I can't calculate how much you can really make. What i know for sure is that you should try to post quality content or things that will be of interest to others so that others will like it or share it which will allow your post to get more views and likes. The video below is short overview of what i just said, check it out.



Earn By Selling

Selling stuff on Empowr is pretty easy and you can earn more money by selling your own product or you can sell something that you no longer need or want that is still pretty good.  The video below will give you a better idea of how this is done.



Earn By Sponsoring

Probably you don't have a product of your own to sell well Empowr got you covered since you can sponsor other people's products. To get a clearer understanding of how this works check out the video below.




Increase Your Earnings With Power Level

Empowr has a feature called Power Level which allows users to increase their earning potential. According to Empowr, users can earn even more from their posts, sales, coaching, Surge Earnings etc but with earning more means you spend more on Ad Platform Fees and to maintain your Power Level but do not worry Empowr has made it possible for you to use your Empowr earnings to pay all these.


Looking at the picture above you can see that there are different Power Levels by the colours and each one is categorized according to their degree. The picture above is focusing on the first Power Level Orange and within this level it is broken down into 4 degrees with basic being the least and star being the highest.

Each degree has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the basic degree, your Ad Platform Fee is only 10% which is pretty low and it only cost $0.20 per day or $6 per month maintain this status but the downside is that you can only earn money from 2 of your post.

These Power Levels can be set to automatic which allows Empowr to do the upgrades for you once you have made the earnings to pay the monthly fee which again doesn't come out of your pocket  or you can do the upgrades yourself.

Each colour helps you make even more money from platform so your aim should be to reach Teal colour to maximize your earnings.


Pros and Cons of Empowr


  • Free to join
  • Earn $20 just for joining through someone else.
  • Meet and interact with thousands of people.
  • Earn money by simply posting photos, videos, status updates etc.
  • Create your very own blog about whatever you are interested in and earn money from it.
  • Sell products and services and earn even more money.


  • The platform can be a bit overwhelming at first.
  • Not much clarification in terms of how much money a user can earn from posting stuff.
  • Not all success coaches are reliant as some may take long to reply or may never reply to you.
  • Making a purchase here can be a bit tricky because you may not be sure to receive what you purchase or you may not get your goods in good condition. Empowr is not responsible for delivering and packing goods to customers.


Withdrawal Methods

Empowr gives you the option to cash out some of your profits immediately or wait for 90 days to cash out all your profits or spend it right on the platform. The withdrawal methods used are Paypal or bank check. Below is a screen shot of an email i got from Paypal stating that Empowr has sent me $16.74.



My Opinion On Empowr Thus Far

I have been on this site for nearly 3 months now and I have to say this site looks like rip off. So basically everybody is paying for advertising even if you are not advertising anything? What kind of BS is that? 

The advertising credits that are loaned to you are used every time you post something so you have no choice but to owe them this fee. If you decide to turn off  these ad credits you can't earn anything. 

The money you see in the balance above your account means nothing seems like some kind of tack tick to keep you stringing  along. 

A next thing they keep charging my credit card to pay for these advertising fees and the monthly power level fee too. When they charge my credit card for the advertising fees they will give me back 50% or half of the fees paid together with whatever early cashouts I may have. Keep in mind that these early cash outs are not much and are not even close to what the advertising fee is so I am basically losing.

I am thinking of deleting my account because it doesn't seem to live up to what it claims to do. I can't see how someone who is less fortunate will have a credit card to be charged every time for these fees. How would they even understand such a complicated site to begin with Facebook is so simple.

I am still waiting to receive my 90 days matured cash out which doesn't seem like much too. I think if our cards or PayPal account can be charged so regularly then we should be able to get our money just as quickly and easily, too much waiting and waiting.

 I really thought this would have been a good thing but it seems not. I would recommend others to stay away from this site if your goal is to earn money now you can join for social reasons, though. 



You can join Empowr and earn $10 just for trying it out. 



If you have any more questions you can ask them in the comment section below.


Thank You,

Kind Regards,




4 May 2016