How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Are you interested in starting an Affiliate Marketing Business? Well, then this article is definitely for you.


Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business doesn’t have to be difficult if you are given the right instructions and resources to start. Many individuals were once so eager in starting a business online but have encountered so many challenges and failures like scams, false sense of hope of becoming rich quick in a month, lack of motivation, discouragement from friends and family, not getting the expected web traffic on one's website, bad attitude towards starting and running a business or simply just don’t know where or how to start. In this article, I will outline the necessary steps you should take to getting started with your affiliate marketing business and refer you to my #1 recommended Online Business Training Center.


Lets Get Started:

1) Create a Business Plan

Many people tend to treat their online business in a very informal manner because they don’t view it as how  they would with an offline business. I will let you know that the same principle applies and yes the nature of this type of business is way different than others  but it’s still a business and it should be taken seriously if you truly want to succeed. Now this plan may not be as complicated as how a business plan for a large company will be but you definitely need some kind of structure, vision and goals so you wouldn’t be lost.  You need to:

1.Start thinking about what kind of product or service you want to promote or better yet think about all the things you love, it can be anything and write them down. You can even think or search for simple problems that others are having and try to help them find a solution or you can even create the solution. To get some ideas check out Amazon and Ebay department list to get some ideas.

2. Get to google and start doing research on whatever product or service you choose  to see whether or not people are are searching for it and exactly what they are searching. Use the alphabet soup technique to help you get an idea what people are typing into Google. You can even use the Jaaxy keyword tool, Longtail Pro Keyword Tool or check out this list of free keyword tools to help you see how many people are searching for that type of product or service per month.

3. After your research, analyse the data you have gotten and make a decision on which product seems more profitable to promote. A profitable niche should be receiving more that 2000 searches per month with no more that 300 sites competing for first page ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Note To Yourself: Choose a niche you are knowledgeable about and enjoy talking about or one that you don't mind learning more about.

4. Next start doing up your business plan you can use this simple business plan structure to help you get started:

Business Plan Structure

  1. General Description
    1. Introduction
    2. Mission Statement
    3. Goals and objectives
    4. Keys to Success
  2. Product and Services
  3. Competition
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Marketing Strategy
    1. Website
    2. Social Media
    3. Online Marketing
  6. Financials

To get a more in-depth explanation and guidance of each section of this plan you can join this awesome business community for free and get your business plan completed today.


2) Get Educated About Affiliate Marketing


Now you probably thinking where in heavens am I going to find this or probably you have looked already and  you didn’t like the training you have come across but have no fear. I know of a few places you can go to get some training. Read up on Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Training, check out Niche Hacks, The ShoeMoney Network, Affilorama and ClickBank University.


3) Get a domain name

You will have to buy a domain name and hosting so keep in mind that's money you will have to spend. I have several domain names and I have bought most of them from Namecheap, BlueHost and 1& I had great experience with these companies and their prices are good too. For more domain registering companies check out my blog post on domain companies that sell .com Domains  For $11 or Less.


4) Get To Work

Start putting what you have learned  from the training  into action immediately.  I am telling you that it’s not an easy road so prepare your mind to work hard. If you are not self-disciplined and very lazy you are not going to succeed. Here you will set up your website by choosing a theme this can become truly addictive and a time waster because every theme you see will seem better looking than the other I am a victim of this. After that, you will start adding content to your website but setting up an about me page, privacy policy,earning disclaimer and your very first blog post on your chosen keyword. Do whatever research is needed to help you get more ideas and to write more naturally. Oil that brain, fingers, laptop and WiFi connection and get to work.


5) Manage Your Time

Set a schedule for yourself if you don’t already have one. In business, Time= Money, so don’t mess with your time, spend it wisely. Eradicate all unnecessary things, like spending 4 + hours scrolling facebook news feed, that is not contributing to your future success and you are only wasting time. This doesn’t mean you can't go to facebook and take a  break or going for walks or exercise etc, you definitely need your hobbies to keep your activities balance and your mind fresh but stay in control of your time.


5) Sign Up With Affiliate Programs


Now this is the first step to setting up your website to start making money. There several ways to monetize your website but I will list the main ones There are:

Affiliate Programs- Find affiliate programs for nearly every niche possible and an easy one to start with is the Amazon Associate Program or you can go to google and type in your "niche name + Affiliate Programs" and see several pull up in the search results.

Pay Per Click- Get paid when visitors click on ads you placed on your website. You can use Google Adsense or Revenue Hits.

Cost Per Action- Get visitors to perform a specific task like download a toolbar,fill out a form, do a survey etc. You can join CPALead, True Media Partner, Offervault.

If you decide to sign up with Amazon Associates and Offervault offers make sure your site is getting a good amount of visitors because with Amazon you need to make at least one sale before six months and some Offervault companies would like to know how much traffic you are getting before they accept you. Do not try to lie because they will know.


6) Get Traffic To Your Blog



So now that your website is up and ready and you have at least a few pages of content you should be on your way to get some traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Now mind you getting loads of traffic may take some time from search engines if you do not get rank on the first page of these popular search engines. So to help speed up this process you can purchase traffic from Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads or you can submit your blog post to top directories like Ezinearticles, StumbleUpon, Buzzle, Flipboard to name a few.  You can find a list of other directories at The Top Tens and VRE Toolbar.Once the traffic comes to your website they will read your content and if interested they will click your links and ads.


Final Thoughts

If you want it, go get it! Don’t let anyone deter you from your dreams and limit you to their level of low and negative thinking. People tend to talk all sorts of crap in the beginning of your journey to discourage you and when you succeed they can not be heard or seen.  I am positive that if you follow the instructions in this article to building an Affiliate Marketing Business you will have your business up and running in no time. Please have patience and a willingness to learn and to make mistakes. I am wishing you all the best in your online business endeavors and hope that you achieve great success.


Thank you for reading this post. Please like and share it with fellow friends and family that are interested in Affiliate Marketing.


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10 Jun 2016