How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

After reading this post, running out of blog post ideas should surely be a thing of the past unless whatever niche you are in doesn’t have quite a lot to talk about. There are numerous ways you can go about getting new ideas for a blog post every week and I will share them with you.

Lets Go:

1) Content Generators

Content Generator is  a software that provides content ideas from a keyword you have entered into it. They source their results from all over the web helping you to come up with great blog post ideas. Here are a few simple good ones:

Potent Content Idea Generator– This generator is  super simple, easy and fast. Just enter whatever keyword you may have in mind and watch this baby generate funny and catchy titles that you can get blog post ideas from.

Buzzsumo– I really like this one. Buzzsumo is great in that in one simple search you can get information on what titles are most appealing now on popular social networks like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google + etc. Get in the know in what your competitors are posting.

Inbound now– This one is similar to Potent Content Idea Generator you simply build up an idea for a blog post around the title or use the exact the title presented with your own twist.

Build Your Own Blog– This one is cool in that there is no need to enter a keyword you simply click the “Generate Blog Post Idea” button and of it goes providing you with a blog post idea.

Link Bait Generator– I like this a lot too. Pretty simple, clean, straightforward website. Just enter your keyword and watch that generator produce 20 titles to get your brain clicking.

2) Read, Read, Read

Get in the habit of reading something new each day whether it’s your competitor’s blog, books on your particular niche, news etc wherever you can read something just do it. Always think about your website in relation to what you are reading and see if you can come up with something new.

3) Social Media, Forums and other Online Communities are Your Friends

If you are not on any of the popular social networks then i don’t know what you are doing with your online business. Social media helps a lot with coming up with new ideas as you see whats currently trending. Forums are great as well since you can target specific groups and discussions that are in relation to your niche and the same goes for online communities. A Great place to start is Reddit.

4) Get a small Note Pad To Take Notes

I don’t know about you but I'm addicted to blogging. When I’m away from my PC and I'm out and about I can’t help but get inspiration from external sources. Ideas are always clicking as what next I should write about and honestly there is too much to write about with such little time on my end but I always make sure to walk with a small note pad to jot down my ideas. I recommend you do the same it will assist you a lot.

5) Alphabet Soup Technique

The alphabet soup technique is an easy and simple way of getting blog post ideas. All you need to do is enter a keyword or keyphrase into the Google search engine and simply add every letter of the alphabet after it. Looking at the picture below you can see I have typed ‘Affiliate ’ into Google’s search engine with the letter A after it, what this does, is it causes Google to try to predict what I may be searching for based off popular searches. You can use these suggestions to help you come up with new post ideas, for example, I can write a post on, Is Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program worth it?


6) Inspiration From Old Blog Post

This is pretty simple too. Start browsing through an old blog post to help you come up with new ideas. I can begin finding new blog post ideas right from this post, for example, i can do a post focusing only on different types of Content Generators on the web or I could go a little more in dept on one particular content generator.

7) Visitor Comments and Questions

When you visit your competitors website to peek on what new they have added don’t only read their visitors comments but get inspired for a new blog post. Visitors are always asking questions, leaving suggestions or sharing ideas use this to help with blog post inspiration.

8) Follow Trends

Get in the know of what is happening right now and what are people searching for the most. This is a great way to come up with new content ideas and, of course, get loads of people to click on your post because it’s what currently popular. You can begin in these places:

Google Trends



Buzzsumo Trends

9) If It Worked For Others It Could  Work For You

Now this statement will not apply to every situation or idea that arise but within your niche it can. You can copy other people’s ideas that have helped them succeed but please do not steal people work or copy everything you see sometimes your own uniqueness is a winner so make sure to add your own flavor.

10) Solve A Problem

Share with others the problems you have encountered and how you went about solving it. Chances are that many other people will experience what you have and will be seeking for solutions online. You can even identify problems that your audience are facing and try to offer solutions.

11) Ask Your Readers

This is the best place to get answers  from because your viewers are engaged on your  site which encourages them to become loyal visitors. This also lets’s you know that your viewers will, in fact, read your post because it’s on a topic that they are interested in. Depending on how many viewers you have that actually read your post and are engaged you can generate weeks, months or even years of blog post ideas.

12) Take A Break

Sometimes we can get so caught up in writing a new blog post every day that we forget about other hobbies and things we love. Take a break and go for a walk, exercise, play games, watch a movie anything that would get you away from the computer screen so you can clear your mind and return to it with a fresh mind.

13) Hire A Writer

If your blog is overwhelming you currently and you wish to take a break you can hire a friend, family member or a freelancer online to help you with your writing.

Find A Freelancer:









I hope this list is of great help to you if you wish to get help with your blog plus you can apply with these  websites for online jobs and earn an extra income.

Final Thoughts

I hope my list of ways to get content ideas are of much help to you and that you continue doing what you love while producing awesome blog posts.

Please feel free to share your tips as to how you go about generating new blog post ideas  in the comment section below.

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26 Apr 2016