Get Direct Referrals or Visitors To Your Website

When it  comes to earning money quickly with PTC sites without you spending a single dime, getting as many Direct  Referrals as possible is the answer. Yes, you can earn by viewing ads and upgrading your account but when you have hundreds, even thousands of Direct Referrals your earnings can double, even triple. By using PTC sites and other popular websites to promote your banners and links you can  get hundreds of Direct Referrals.
Or Probably you have a blog or a business website and you would like to get more exposure or traffic well you can seize this chance to add your sites to a platform that can help you.
So to help make life a bit easy for you I have gathered a few websites you can use to advertise your websites whether PTC or blog. To get a lot of traffic quickly may require you to spend some money so please keep in mind that advertising is hardly ever free unless you decide to create a website to promote PTC sites or use social networks or surf for free and gain credits as a way  to advertise and gain referrals or visitors.
Here are some good sources:

Referral Booster

Click Track Profit

Thumbvufree manual traffic exchange

Tested Trusted Top Earning Sites


Traffic Monsoon





Empowr- To join Empowr you will have to email me at Note that you can earn $20 just for joining.

Social Bux- Get $2 just for joining.

Social Bux : SEO Tools & Social Bookmarking Network

Forums- Join forums that discuss topics that you are interested in or what your website is about. For example, making money online forums, fashion, make up etc.

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26 Apr 2016