FutureAdPro Review


Name: FutureAdPro

Founders: Stephan Morgenstern  and Roman Ziemian

Website: www. futureadpro.com

Cost: Free to join.


What is FutureAdPro?

FutureAdPro is a revenue sharing model that was created by Stephan Morgenstern  and Roman Ziemian on 8th April 2016. These two gentlemen have also created another platform called FutureNet. These two sites can be accessed using the same login details so once you sign up with one account you instantly have access to the other one.


As stated previously, FutureAdPro is a revenue sharing model. It allows the members of the platform to purchase Ad Packs at the cost of $50. Ad Packs are just what it is, Advertising Packs that consist of a number of credits allocated to website views, banner clicks,  text ad clicks etc. What truly makes these Ad Packs even more attractive for online businesses is the revenue sharing aspect which allows business owners to share in FutureAdPro profits.

Each ad pack will mature at $60 so will be earning $10 in profits. In order to qualify to  earn from this revenue sharing, you have to view a minimum of 10 ads daily.

To get a  simpler explanation you can hear it from horses mouth by listening to the video below.

This revenue sharing platform is divided according to your status position or membership level. There are 5 levels as we can see from the picture below.Capturefuturfuturee

I am currently in the first status position and as you can see  each status position has it advantages and limitations. In the first  level, you can buy up to only 50 Ad Packs but the good thing is there are no yearly or monthly fees. The commission section is the amount you can earn from your referrals based on the status position you are on. The higher you are the more you can earn from all of your downlines.

What's even great about this program is that they provide a landing page system for members. Once you have purchased status position three you will be granted this privilege.

See the Overview and Rules here for FutureAdPro!

More information about the company and FutureAdPro.

Please Note: once you haven't bought an Ad Pack you will not earn money from your referrals.

Other Awesome Features Include:

Holiday mode feature- Remember that in order to earn from the companies profits you need to qualify by viewing 10 ads daily. Well, what about the holiday times? That's where this feature comes in.  You can simply set up the holiday mode feature which will cost you a 10% fee for one holiday day of your income of that day. For the year, you book 50 days of holiday each year.

Marketing Tools- They got videos, landing pages, pdf files with simply overviews and business presentations that can be used to market the business and help you gain referrals.

Android and iOS application- Keep track of you account as you move about. No need to be glued to a cheer.

Targeted Advertising- Get the results you need with geo-targeting advertising.

Earning Strategy

What I like about FutureAdPro, is that you can see they have really thought out this revenue sharing program. They didn't just create this platform and place it out there for people to join and then for them to scramble and find ways to market it. They created a marketing plan section so you can give others a professional overview of what the website is about and help you to gain referrals.

That my friend is all you really need to earn a lot more with this type of site. Ensure you have bought at least 1 Ad Pack before you go recruiting referrals. To earn from every level the best thing to do is upgrade to the highest status position so you can be above your referrals and you can earn from every level they are at.

Don't forget to promote your link on other social networks and please do not spam. If you have a blog you can write up a review on it and get people to sign up through you.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

To make a purchase you can use Bitcoin, Neteller, Perfect Money, Dotpay, AdvCash, Sofort, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and 2Pay4You.

To  make a withdrawal you can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Neteller and Bank  Transfer.


FutureAdPro is fairly new to the online world of revenue sharing but so far the company seems pretty transparent.  They haven't given members any reason to speculate so I can state that FutureAdPro is not a scam but moreover this company plans on being around for a very long time. The best time to join is now before the site becomes flooded. So if you are interested in joining you can click the button below to get started.


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26 Apr 2016