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 Are you interested in building your own website? Have you been prowling the web and don’t know where to start?  Then I believe I can help…


Gone are the days of mentally killing yourself trying to learn HTML codes, CSS codes, Javascript codes and JQuery codes  to build a website. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you wish to learn to build a website from scratch by all means you can do so but i am here to show you that you no longer need to go the long route. Whether it’s a website to build your own business or to expand an existing business creating one these days has never been this easy.


Building a Website with WordPress

 Maybe you have come across WordPress before or maybe you haven’t. WordPress is simply a web software that can be used to create a website or a blog . WordPress has 12 years of experience on its side making it most popular blogging system on the web. With WordPress, you can build a website for free or you can host a WordPress installation on your own server. WordPress is one of the blogging platforms that has changed the internet forever allowing individuals like yourself and i to be able to create websites without learning all the techie stuff.Here are some benefits of using WordPress:

  • Great Support– Lots of help and support from the community and forums.
  • Themes– Choose from 1000+ beautiful themes.
  • Installation– Very easy to install and set-up
  • No code learning– No HTML, No CSS, No codes.
  • Customization– Design your website however you like.
  • Plugins and special features– Add plugins to your website that would allow you to add more features.
  • SEO friendly– Search Engine Optimization helping you get ranked quickly within the top search engines.

All these are what WordPress has to offer and much more. Want to know more about WordPress see my……

6 Key Elements of a Good Website

In order for you to be successful in the online business world you need to take into consideration the important aspects needed for your website to remain afloat. Here are the 6 key elements:

1) Website Appearance– A visually appealing, polished and professional website will steal the show. Your website is the face of your business…first impression is everything!

2) Quality Content– Visitors are looking for quality information. Make it your duty to make it informative and relevant as possible to gain visitor’s trust.

3) Easy to use– Ensure that your website is easy to read, navigate around and understand. Fast loading pages, one layout throughout site, minimal scrolling on pages to name a few.

4) Good Functionality– Ensure that every component on your website is working properly. That include hyperlinks, videos, web pages, page jumps, site searches etc.

5) Search Engine Optimization– Helps your website get high rankings which will help generate website traffic and in turn increase sales for your business.

6) Mobile friendly site– More and more people are using their mobiles and tablet devices to browse the web and stay connected to their favourite sites. It’s best to add a mobile plugin to your website to make your site viewable on mobile internet devices.

If you can incorporate all these elements into your website, you will be operating a very successful website. To help make these elements easier to incorporate WordPress has combined all into one awesome software platform. Everything is broken down like baby’s food to help make life so much easier for you and me.

Interested in building a WordPress website for FREE…Right Now?

Wealthy Affiliate has created the easiest website builder in the industry hosting this same WordPress software on its server. You can now build a fully functional website in 30 seconds because all it takes is 4 simple steps to build one. Below I have provided a video that will show you how to build a WordPress website for Free at Wealthy Affiliate.


Check it out….


Watch Video: Create a Website in Under 30 seconds

I hope you find the video insightful and that it help you understand the simplicity of creating a website. Now that you have seen and understand the steps involved you are now on your way to building the most professional website ever. Simply follow the steps below:

1) Create a Free Account Here.

2) Start building your website and adding content.

It’s as simple as that, you can have your website up and running in no time with WordPress plus the community at Wealthy Affiliate helping and supporting you along the way. In addition, you can use Wealthy Affiliate’s in depth trainings, tutorials and tools to assist you in building your website.

 Need Assistance?

Please feel free to ask for help or ask for more information in the comments below and i will be happy to help you out. If you happen to be hanging out at Wealthy Affiliate you can message me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

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26 Apr 2016